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Default Ground Records at STC Mount upto August 1948.

Ground Records at STC Mount upto August 1948. ATHLETICS


Mount Lavinia


Term 2, 1948:
Standard tests were conducted daily after school from the 9th to the 30th of July. The turn-out though small was year. Out of a possible total of 622 boys only 239 trickled in for the test. This poor response (a mere 32.5%) is much to be regretted since these tests were probably instituted for the dial purpose of estimating the physical efficiency of boys of different age groups and of detecting any athletics talent in the school. In order to enable every boy to have a try on some day convenient for him, three complete weeks were devoted to the tests; but even this was not sufficient inducement for some 383 boys who did not step the Big Club.

It was our intention this year to replace the usual standard tests with ?Tabloid Tests?. The latter are a more expedient method of testing several boys in a variety of events simultaneously and have been successfully for the whole school if some temporary adjustment is made in the school Time Table for just aday or two.

An annual test of the body is certainly as important as a terminal test of a boy?s intellect and would yield valuable data. Out thanks are due to those members of the Staff who readily served on the panel of recorders and turned up punctually on the days allotted to them.


No. on Roll (Lower 4 to College From): 622
No. of boys tested: 239
Percentage of boys who passed at least 1 test: 38.4
Percentage of boys who passed 3 tests: 18.2

Analysis of Results of Boys Tested


Rules for the Awarding of Athletics Colours

Athletics colours may be awarded for performance at
(a) a House Meet
(b) a Group Meet
(c) a Public Schools Meet

as follows :-
At a House Meet to a person winning an event and attaining a standard in the event as indicated below:-
100 Yds. 10.08 sec. 120 Yds. Hurdles (3 ft. 3 in.) 17.0 sec.
220 Yds. 24.5 sec. 220 Yds. Hurdles (2 ft. 6 in.) 27.5 sec
440 Yds. 55.0 sec. High Jump 5 ft. 7 in.
880 Yds. 2 min. 14 sec. Long Jump 20 ft. 4 in.
1 Mile 5 min. Hop, Step and Jump 42 ft. 0 in.
Putt (12 lbs.) 38 ft. 0 in. Pole Vault 10 ft. 0 in.
Discus Throw 112 ft. 0 in.

At a Group Meet as for a House Meet.

At a Public School Meet if he was placed.

Relay Teams.-Members of a Relay Team may be awarded colours either at a Group Meet or a Public Schools Meet as follows:-
(a) At a Group Meet a Team should have come first and have done the race in the times indicated below:
4?110 Yds. Relay 47.0 sec.
4?440 Yds. Relay 3 min. 48 sec.
(b) At a Public School Meet if the Team should have come first or second.
Note.-Even if members of a Relay Team do not qualify under the above rules, individual members of the Team may be awarded colours if they can at a test held at College within one week after the Final Meet run a quarter of a mile in 56 seconds and 110 Yards in 11.9 seconds. The test should be carried out with at least 3 judges present with stop watches.

We had a successful House Meet this year and it is very gratifying to note that athletics in the school is coming on fast and we shall soon reach our pre-war standard. At the August meet 4 ground records were broken. V. L. Blaze lowered the 220 Yards Hurdles recode by 2 clean seconds, and F. J. H. Wikramanayake cleared 43 ft. 4 in. in the Hop, exceeding VisvaSelvaratnam's jump by 1 ft. 4 1/2 in. Among the juniors, S. N. A. Tennakoon created a mild sensation in the Discus Throw with a heave of 104 ft., which was 17 1/2 ft. beyond the ground recode. The other noteworthy performance was that of NalinSamarasekara who, in spite of faculty running clipped 2/5 of a second off Oscar Wijesinghe's 220 Yards record.

Our standard of pole-vaulting has been poor. For quite a long time we had no gear for this event, but our needs have now been provided and we hope to produce a couple of vaulters next year.

Class on the technique of athletics events were started early in the term and were conducted after school; but these had to be abandoned owing to pressure of other activities. Another attempt to hold these classes in contemplated next year. It is very important that a boy should know how to run and jump correctly and be acquainted with the rules matter. Our aim is to see that every boy acquires some elementary knowledge of athletics that will not only assist him in other games but also enable him to appreciate what really takes place at our athletics meets, so that he will not go then merely to see his House or School win.

Several hundreds of boys witnessed the last public Schools Meet at the Oval, but how few of them are able to say, for instance, anything about the style of baton exchange the Thomian team adopted for their recode-breaking run in the relay. Hardly a handful are able to differentiate between a Western roll and an Eastern cut-off; and that F. J. H. Wikramanayake obtained all his 'wallop' in the Long Jump by a magnificent foot roll seems something positively beyond their ken and would mean much less to them than would, say, a drive through the covers or a late cut, whatever these two terms may imply.

With a view to encouraging all-round emergency, the Pentathlon was introduced and was worked off in two successive days shortly after the House Meet. A glance at the table given below will indicate the poor all-round ability of the pick of our athletics

The Pentathlon will be an annual trial, and a challenge cup will be presented to the highest scorer.
Results of the Inter-House Meet, 1948

100 Yds.: W. K. Wickramasekara (Co), F. J. H. Wikramanayake (B),
K. T. C. de Silva (W). 11.0 sec.
220 Yds.: W. K. Wickramasekara (Co),K. T. C. de Silva (W),
K. D. A. Perera (Gurutalawa). 24.2 sec.
440 Yds.: V. L. Blaze (CI), K. D. A. Perera (Gurutalawa),
W. K. Wickramasekara (Co). 55.2 sec.
880 Yds. N. C. Amarasuriya (Co), U. K. Salgadoe (CI),
N. Jeyatheva (Ch). 2 min. 26.7 sec
1 Mile: U. K. Salgadoe (CI), A. Mahadevan (Ch),
C. T. A. Schaffter (Co). 5 min. 26 sec.
120 Yds. Hurdles: V. L. Blaze (CI), K. A. Ananthan (B), R Eshwaran (B).
(3 ft. 3 in.) 16.8 sec.
220 Yds. Low Hurdles: V. L. Blaze (CI), P. R. Tennakoon (Co), K. A. Ananthan (B),
*26.8 sec.
Cricket Ball: R. Inman (W), E. M. C. Perera (Ch), S. K. Nathan (Ch).
8 yds. 0 ft. 6 in.
Long Jump: F. J. H. Wikramanayake (B), P. R. Tennakoon (Co),
J. L. Weerawardene (Ch). 20 ft. 9 1/2 in.
Hop, Step and Jump: F. J. H. Wikramanayake (B), P. R. Tennakoon (Co),
J. L. Weerawardene (Ch). *43 frt. 4 in.
High Jump: S.Dharmavaratha (B), M. V. Speldewinde (Gurutalawa),
R. Eshwaran (B). 5 ft. 6 in.
Putting the Weight: N. E. Weerasinghe (M), A. M. Jayasekara (S),
C. V. Tissera (Gurutalawa). 30 ft. 1 3/4 in.
Discus Throw: N. E. Weerasinghe (M), D. E. Weerasinghe (CI),
A. C. Siriwardene (B). 92 ft. 1 1/2 in.
4?110 Yds. Relay: Claughton, Buck, Gurutalawa. 49.2 sec
4?440 Yds. Relay Buck, Gurutalawa, Miller. Time not taken.

Juniors (under 16):

100 Yds.: N. I. Samarasekara (CI), D. Senevirathne (Gurutalawa),
S. Sri Nandalochana (B). 11.2 sec.
220Yds.: N.I. Samarasekara (CI),D. Seneviratne (Guruthalawa)
K. C. Selvadurai (CI) *25.0sec.
352 Yds.: N.I. Samarasekara (CI),K. C. Selvadurai (CI),
S. Sri Nandalochana (B). 47.8 sec.
High Jump: E. W. Godlieb (CI), E. R. de Mel (W), W. Ginige (B)
4 ft. 9 1/2 in.
Long Jump: S. Sri Nandalochana (B).D. Senevirathne (Gurutalawa),
E. R. de Mel (W), 17 ft. 7 1/2 in.
Hop, Step and Jump: E. R. de Mel (W), V. Wickremasinghe (Ch), M. Obeyasekara
(S). 37ft. 1 in.
Discus Throw: S. N. A. Tennakoon (Ch),K. C. Selvadurai (CI), N. Sri
(2.75 lbs.) Warfene (B). *104 ft. 0 in.
Cricket Ball: J. H. Koch (W), W. Ginige (B), S. K. de Silva (W).
83 yds. 2 ft. 3 in.
4?110 Yds. Relay: Claughton, Wood, Stone. 53.5 sec.
4?352 Yds. Relay: Claughton, Buck, Chapman. 3 min. 4 sec.

Juniors (under 14):

100 Yds.: N. P. Wickramasooriya (Ch), A.C Fernando (W),
A. Karim (CI). 13.0 sec.
Long Jump: G.A.Wickramanayake (B), A. P. Devasagayam (W),
P. Jayasekara (M). 13 ft. 8 1/2 in.
High Jump: J. F. L. Abeyasekara (B), A. S. Ferdinands (W), I. S.
Ferdinands (Ch). 4 ft. 0 3/4 in.
Cricket Ball: R. Munasinghe (CI), P. N. Vidanalage (S), P. N. Fernando
(B). 63 yds. 2 ft. 2 in.
4?110 Yds. Relay: Claughton, Buck, Chapman. 60.0 SEC.
(*New ground record)

Points Scored

Seniors juniors
Buck: 41 Claughton: 38
Copleston: 36 Buck: 22
Claughton: 34 Wood: 19
Miller: 21 Chapman: 17
Chapman: 10 Stone: 6
Wood: 9 Copleston: 0
Stone: 5 Miller: 0

Pentathlon Trials 1948
The scoring used was the Finnish Points System as used for the Decathlon scoring at the Olympic Games.
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