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  1. Imtiaz
    15-07-09 06:10 AM
    Hi Sriyan

    To start a new story simply click on the selected Forum Heading. You will see a button saying NEW THREAD. When you click on this you are ready to type or cut and paste the article.

    Once you get the hang of it very easy.

    Also in your profile, you will see ALBUM. You can create an album or many albums of photos etc.

    The advantage of a forum is that all articles are preserved and photos can be seen at any time. The problem with emails is that most people delete them after some time.

    Forums are now the fastest growing sector of the internet and I was very surprised that no one had started a STC Old Boys' forum to date. I guess the cost of the software and the hosting put them off.

    As a moderator, basically you can detete parts of an article that may be offending etc. I am going to try for 5 moderators.

    Please publicize this Forum, it will be a very powerful way of communicating and is non invasive. That is to say you login when you feel like and check the action and respond. Unlike an email that could pop up on your blackberry when you are trying to download office stuff.

    One other thing I discovered is that with emails, very often the office disallows private emails, hotmail, gmail etc. They don't seem to mind Forums.


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