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For the supply of Gmelina and philippine mahogany Round logs under the following terms and conditions:
1. Commodity: Round logs of mixed sizes mutually or ordered at different prices
2. Origin or Port of loading: Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao, Philippines
3. Destination Port: Qingdao, China and Dubai
4. Quality/Specification: Round logs with MIXED SIZES
5. Scaling--------As per confirmed measurement list by buyer
7. Species and Prices:
B) Scaling Formula to be used--- Hoppus Formula:Where; Mid-girth in cm x Mid-girth in cm x Length in meters / 160000 = Volume in m3
C) Price Bracket according to Girth---center of girth bark will be removed for scaling.
Philippine Mahogany Round Logs
Center Girth 30-300 cm
Length 1-18 ft
Price USD 390-690 CNF Dubai
Price USD 260-560 CNF China
Gmelina Round Logs
Center Girth 30-300 cm
Length 1-18 ft
Price USD 370-670 CNF Dubai
Price USD 240-540 CNF China



diameter : 16 - 40/45cm;
grades : A-grade/50%, K-grade/20%, KI-grade/20%, KIS-grade/10%;
actual length of the logs : 4m & 6m;
invoice length of the logs : 3.9m & 5.9m;
free trim : 10cm;

measurement standard : JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard);
origin : New Zealand;
available quantity : 30.000 - 32.000/cbm, each shipment by Break Bulk Vessel;
shipment method : By Break Bulk Shipment;
fumigation : by Methyl Bromide;
certificates : Origin-, fumigation-, & Phytosanitary Certificates;
delivery-time : One vessel-load for July 2012 & One vessel-load for August 2012;
price : US$ 150/cbm/per month/CFR Qingdao Port, China;
payment-condition : 100% Irrevocable, Confirmed & Transferable Letter of Credit
At Sight;


The most importance that you can take high quality of Pine logs. We don’t sell KI or K grade for customer. We just sell A grade logs and Veneer logs only.

Our FOB price – break bulk is USD 185/m3 already.


Grade 1 will be a little bit more expensive, than mixture of grades 1 and 2.
You will find our quotation below:

Quotation №1

1. Description of the goods
· Birch lumber square edged
· Grade 1 and 2 in separate crates according to GOST 2695-83
· Length 3000 mm
· Width 100, 125, 150 mm
· Thickness 25, 38, 50 mm
· Moisture content 8 - 12% after KD

2. Price:
Grade 1 360 EUR/cbm
Grade 2 325 EUR/cbm

Prices are calculated on the base of full 40HC containers shipments 37 cubic meters of lumber in a container

3. Terms of delivery:
CNF Chinese sea port

4. Time of delivery:
· Lead time: 6 weeks
· Time of shipment: 6 weeks

5. Terms of payment: TT in two stages:
· 30% at the moment of placing an order
· 70% within 5 days after shipping the goods from Saint-Petersburg sea port against copy of B/L

We hope that you will find our quotations acceptable and place your next order soon.


1.Tree Farm is an IFMA 205 holder.It has more than 1300 hectares planted with Accacia Mangium, Aure Coliformes, Gemilina, Eucalyptus and Bagrass. Trees are from 15 to 25 years old.Tree Farm and Sawmill is located at the same site.


2. Green
4/4 Red Oak:
FAS-1F, 24,000
Selects, 16,000, 4"-5.5", saw/sort to your specs
Selects, 16,000, 6' and/or 7', saw to your specs
1 Com, 16,000

3.Kiln Dried
4/4 Red Oak:

FAS-1F, 26,000
Select 4, 8,500 C1F2E 6-16'
Select 5, 5,000 C1F2E
Select 5.5, 24,000 C1F2E
Select 5.5, 3,000, S2S
Select 6, 4,000, C1F2E
Select 7, 4,600, 4 sides clear
RW Selects, 28,000
6' Selects, 6,000
RW Selects, 1,000, S2S
RW select & Better, 6,000, stained
1 Com, 36,000

4.4/4 Spruce, Standard & Btr, 7,000, 6"-12"

5.4/4 White Oak:
FAS-1F 6,000
Sel 2,000
Sel Com 2,600
2 Com 12,000


6.As we are international company and exporter,loggers and millers of rough sawn lumber and Logs from PHILIPPINES
At present we logging and supplying GMELINA.


7.Please we have new wood in stock
we have available Padauk, Bubinga, Rose wood, ETC ETC


8.we suggest pine edged lumber (boards and bars) according to the GOST 26002. It is produced from pine, planted in the central parts of Ukraine. It's Kiln dried(KD) lumber, sorts 1-4, 5.


9.Hemlock Spruce and Balsam Logs
We have high quantities of hemlock, spruce, and balsam logs. You may order 30, 000CBM per month, bark on or de-barked. Our products come from Canada and are of a high quality.


10.Sawn timber (boards) from Russia: Siberian Pine, oak, ash, larch, birch, white wood. High quality sawn timber from Russia.


11.Saw Siberian larch , GOST 26002-83, Grade 1-3 , grade 4% max 5%. Origin&delivery: Irkutsk region, Russian Federation.


12.CEDAR Smell - Cedrela odorata origin COLOMBIA -Western Red Cedar.
We would be happy to supply the customer with blocks in his measures, the FOB price is U.S. $ 690 Buenaventura/COLOMBIA.


13.Hemlock #4, Hemlock:Balsam #2 ,Spruce #1,
Hemlock:Balsam #6 short logs ,Hemlock:Balsam #3


1.1 Species: 30,000m3 Western Hemlock (approx. 90%) and Spruce (approx. 10%) Logs X 12 months with an initial trial shipment limited to 6000m3 only.

1.2 Approx. ten percent (10%) of the shipment will include Chip & Saw mixed grade logs – Volume approx. 3000m3. Top diameter min. 15cm to max. 20cm with an average of 17cm or more. Length: 4.0, 6.0, 8.0, 10.0, 11.8 and 12.5m with average of 9.0m or more (Scribner equiv. of #3 and #4).

1.3 Approx. forty percent (40%) of the shipment will include Gang & Saw mixed grade logs – Estimated volume 12,000m3. Top diameter min. 20cm to max. 30cm, with an average of 23cm or more. Length: 4.0, 6.0 8.0, 10.0, 11.8 and 12.5m with average of 9.0m or more (Scribner equiv. of #2, #3, #4, and better).

1.4 Approx. fifty percent (50%) of the shipment will included Standard Saw mixed logs – Estimated volume 15,000 m3. Top diameter min. 30cm to max 75cm with an average of 35cm or more. Length: 4.0, 6.0, 8.0, 10.0, 11.8 and 12.5m with average of 9.0m or more, (Scribner equiv. of #2, #3, #4, and better).

1.5 Log Species and Export Sort Volume Tolerance: +/- 10%

1.6 Total Volume: approximately 30,000m3. Initial trial limited to 6000m3 with same ratios of log species.

1.7 Debarking of all logs is included in pricing.

Initial 6000m3 Shipment

5.1 Chip & Saw logs – USD 186/m3 X 600 = $111,600
5.2 Gang Saw logs – USD 188/m3 X 2400 = $451,200
5.3 Standard Saw logs – USD 193/m3 X 3,000 = $579,000


14. Acacia pulp to produce paper, update quotation of Bleached Acacia Kraft pulp in this month.
1/ Bleached Acacia Kraft pulp, Brightness: 84% - 86%
Origin: Vietnam
Quantity: 1000 MT available
Min order: 200 MT
Price: USD 652/MT FOB Haiphong port, Vietnam
Delivery: July, 2012


15.The SYP is pulp grade and about US$80 GMT FOB barge Southern United States
of America Ports. Minimum purchase is 20,000MT. The others are sold in
BDMT from Viet Nam at about US$145 BDMT CIF China


16.Beginning to haul these wood chips by break bulk.
----- SPECIE : Southern Yellow Pine
----- MOISTURE CONTENT: 47 - 51%
----- VOLUME: Minimum 10,000 - 40,000 metric tonnes
----- PRICE: $ 98.00 / Green Metric Tonne , usd. FOB. USA Port. ( Including fumigation )

Contact mg.timber@yahoo.com