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STC Athletics Team 1963

From: Wijesooriya Manilka <manilkaw@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 7:10 AM
Subject: Re: Jabir Junaid

As my memory has it, Jabir transferred to Mount from Guru in 1964 and had a stellar year. I believe he ran in both the 100 and 200 meters (or was it yards at that time? He also did the long jump. He must have run in 1964, when I ran U 16. I remember we failed to win a single Senior relay and dropped the baton in the 100 yards. I think that Jabir did very well that year, compared to 1965, when he was injured.
In 1965, I was REQUIRED, by Brooke, to run the 400 meters relay at the Relay Carnival, thus missing the U 16 cricket match, and I was the captain. I ran in the Group meet and the Pubs, and we won the 400 relay, the Jayasinghe brothers, myself, and was it Buddadasa Karu. I recall that the 100 meters relay team, was Jabir, Rabin Mendis, MEC Perera and was it LM Fernando.
Jabir actually lived with his Uncle, Mr. Saldin, behind our home in Barnes Avenue. He trained and qualified as a draughtsman. I know he was the chief guest at the meet, when David was the Warden.
I too, would love to hear of Jabir's whereabouts.
Best to all,
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From: Ravi Rudra <ravirudra@xtra.co.nz>
Date: Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 7:49 AM
Subject: Re: Jabir Junaid

Thank you Manilka. 1965 Pubs as I recall was at Police Park when SK won the 800 & 1500, both in records. Did STC win the Pubs as well in 1965?
Wasn't Shanmugabalasuriya involved with a dropped baton in the 4x100 as well that caused us the Tarbat - was that 1966 or 65?

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From: Ajit Jayasekera <ajitjay@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 9:48 AM
Subject: Re: Jabir Junaid

I remember Jabir Junaid well. I was running Under 14 at that time. I was in the stands at Sugathadasa Stadium when Jabir was beaten by Amaradasa who got a false start. I don't think Jabir pulled his hamstring at the finals. I remember Brookie talking to him about starting tentative steps to recovery approaching the Pubs. He had pulled the muscle in the run up to the Pubs. Brookie was confident that he would compete without a problem and win the event, which he would have done, if not for an ignored false start by Amaradasa. Reminds me of when Manilka came 2nd in the 200 meters event at the 1966 Pubs against all odds and was declared as 4th. Those lost points cost us the Tarbat. We eventually lost to Joes by 2 or 3 points. There was a lot of animosity towards Brookie by track officials those days and they discriminated against us (STC).I was also aware that Jabir came to college from Guru, but Rabin, in an exchange of mails recently said that he came from Maris Stella, Negombo. I do not think so.The dropped baton incident was in the 1967 Pubs when CM Gunaratne was handing the baton over to Azam Hameed. Hasitha and Vijitha were waiting to complete the race for us and win the event and with it, the Jefferson. No luck. We however, won the Tarbat thanks largely to Vijitha. I am not aware of any other dropped baton incident and certainly not involving Gundo Shanmugabalasooriya, our barefoot runner, who when I asked him what our chances were, in the 4 x 100 relay at the Relay Carnival, said "we are 3 to 1 favorites"!! Yes, we won! The other two fantastic sprinters during that time were LM Fernando and late Ridley Fernando. Also, do you guys remember Abeygoonewardena the Javelin Thrower? He also opened bowling for the 2nd XI and unfortunately could not distinguish the difference between bowling a cricket ball and throwing a Javelin! He threw to his heart's content....and he was bloody quick. His partners in speed were LM Fernando and Cholmondley Henricus, all bloody murderously quick, especially on mat. Manilka will remember the practice match between our Under 16 and the 2nd XI played at the Small Clubs on two overlapping half mats. Those three buggers made us hop all over. Thankfully, in our Under 16 days, Manilka and David Ponniah opened, followed by Kari, Dijen and myself, so I avoided the brand new ball!That's all for now friends. Will reminisce on more events at a later date.

From: Ravi Rudra <RaviRudra@xtra.co.nz>
Date: Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 11:02 AM
Subject: RE: Jabir Junaid

Thanks a lot Ajit ? you have an amazing memory. Had an earlier message from Arasu who mentioned Jabir was from ?Guru?. With a tiny ounce of luck and lack of obvious deceit & discrimination, we could have won the Tarbat in both 1966 & 1972?That would have been an even greater record of being Pubs Champs from 1965 to 1972 ? 8 years in a row! Truly remarkable!

From: VJa <vrj821@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 1:11 PM
Subject: Re: Jabir Junaid

Dear Ravi,
Jabir Junaid was a great sprinter, I am not 100% certain in 1964 he had a hamstring problem. 1965 he came second in the 100 mtrs ( there was an issue at the start) and unable to recall about the 200 mtrs. Most probably he won the event. I was trying my best to recover soon as possible after the 1,500 mtrs grueling event. I was just 16 years at that time I shud not have competed in the 1,500 mtrs event with the senior guys. Maybe I should have run the 400 mtrs in 1965 at least to get the experience.
Actually I do not have his phone number, maybe Sriyan could help us out.

Best regards,

From: Ravi Rudra <RaviRudra@xtra.co.nz>
Date: Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 1:49 PM
Subject: RE: Jabir Junaid

Dear Viji,
You were very unlucky that at 16 that you had to take part in the U19 age group with much senior athletes. In 1968 they introduced for the first time In April a separate Junior Nationals for U13, U14 & U15 (you could call it for Juveniles) and At the Senior Pubs in October (St Peters) they did away with U14 and introduced along with the existing U 16 (known as Juniors) and U19 a new age group for U17 (i.e. for 16 year old). JLC Salgado and team were part of that first U17 batch. We can all agree that you would've cleaned up the lot if they had introduced the U17 age group in 1965! I was fortunate to run in the last U14 (Juvenile) age group held with the Senior Pubs in Oct 1967 (Police Park) which STC won and also in the inaugural Junior Nationals in April 1968 at Asgiriya as U15 (I had just turned 14) where we clean swept every trophy available! 1967 was Brookie last Pubs too! How we missed him! I am sure the extremely proficient Sriyan will track Jabir for us (what a fine name)!
Best Regards

From: VJa <vrj821@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 2:49 PM
Subject: Re: Jabir Junaid

Dear Ravi,
Thank you for all the information.
Yes, Brookie was a Great Help to all of us.
I used to discuss quite a lot with him re training. (training schedules to all etc.)
All of us had a Great Time n we enjoyed very much.
Soon after the Pubs 1967, Brookkie told me that I have been selected to Captain the Sri Lanka Schools Athletic Team to India, n they had planned to tour in mid November unfortunately the dual meet was postponed to February 1968 n I was overage n clid not participate. The way I could remember, Royalist Guy who was not placed at the Pubs 1967 lead the Team.
I was heart broken, as all know I was n Top form at the 1967 Pubs.
That's how things turned out to be n Life goes on.
Best regards

From: Mevan Pieris <mevanpieris@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Apr 20, 2021 at 7:56 AM
Subject: Re: STC Athletics - late 50s & early 60s

Dear Ravi,
Yes Ronnie Reid was a good sprinter. I remember watching him run as a lad of ten years. It should be 1956 and not 1965. Ronnie was a member of the famous relay team that came first in the Publics Schools athletic meet held at the Colombo Oval in 1956. The other sprinters in the ream I believe were, JKC Gunasekere (labba snr), Asoka Wickramanayake, and ? . I am sorry I can not remember the fourth guy. They were all tall guys that carried wind on their feet. JKC ran like a wild horse. Ronnie who took the last lap was good & graceful. Maurice Fairweather was younger.

From: Rabin Mendis <mendis.rabin@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Apr 27, 2021 at 8:08 PM
Subject: Re: http://www.stc-oldboys.com/showthread.php?t=287076

Hi Sriyan
Jabir was a good friend of mine and fellow sprinter. He came to us from Maristella College in Negambo and remember telling Brookie Da Silva that he would look great in blue and black! Brookie spoke to his dad and convinced him to send him to college. Our best year was 1965. I have a team photo from that year which I will post on FB shortly.
One small anecdote. He pulled a hamstring just before a major event and Brookie took him to see Dr Anthonis at his home and at Brookie's request I accompanied them. Unfortunately nothing could be done.
Usually in the 4x100 Brookie wanted me to start as I was the fastest out of the blocks and Jabir would do the last lap. I could be wrong but I think we had the Public Schools record in our final year.
As Brookie would say, sprinters are born and not made!
Cheers and Best Regards!

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Dear Ravi,

The fourth guy of the famous relay team whom I did not remember was Cecil Scarenguivel, as informed by Asoka Wickramanayake.



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From: Mevan Pieris <mevanpieris@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, May 9, 2021 at 11:52 AM
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To: Asoka Wikramanayake <asokawiks08@gmail.com>
Cc: Sriyan Jayasekera <stc.dsa.era.group@gmail.com>

Dear Asoka,

So nice to hear of you. I don't know what Sriyan has communicated to you. All I know is that recently Ravi Rudra asked me about Ronnie Reid's athletic prowess, and I mentioned your name too as being a member of the famous 1956 relay team. In 1956, I was only a small lad of 10 years, and as such one can not expect me to remember much of the senior guys attainments. However I can indeed remember you as a fine athlete and cricketer. As I was a dy boy living far away I did not watch any 2nd term sports and as such could not remember your skills in hockey and rugger. I do remember very clearly the brilliant innings of 40 odd runs you made in great style in the Royal Thomian match of 1956. Of course Ronnie's immortal innings of 151 not out over shadowed your very good batting. I also can remember a good batting display of Dan Piachaud and the catch held by Ameresekere to dismiss Jothalingam. Thanks very much for refreshing my memory. I am really proud of your achievements as an outstanding sportsman.

May God Bless you dear Asoka

With Warm Regards


On Sun, May 9, 2021 at 2:03 AM Asoka Wikramanayake <asokawiks08@gmail.com> wrote:

Thanks Sriyan for the following e-mail regarding the STC Old Boys.

I was sad to note that some of you have forgotten Asoka Wikramanayake?s contribution to the College in 1956.

Perhaps, Mevan Pieris has forgotten the past performance of the contributions made by me at STC in 1956.

You may be aware, In 1956, I contributed much more than the others that Mevan Pieris had mentioned. To keep the record straight, I won colors in Cricket, Rugby Football, Hockey and Captained the Athletic Team in 1956 that won the 400x400 meters relay by almost 1.5 seconds. JKC Goonasekera did the first lap, Cecil Scharenguivel did the 2nd lap and we were lying second to St.Josephs College, and it was my turn to run the 3rd Lap and beat Dominic who was leading to hand the baton to Ronnie Reid with a lead of about 10 yards. Ronnie kept the lead to break the record by 1.5 seconds. JKC Goonasekera and Cecil Scarenguivel only ran the 400 meters relay.

I ran and won the 100meters and came second in the 200 meters, came second in the Long Jump. Ronnie ran and won the 400 meters in 1956.

In 1956 we won the Jefferson Cup at the Public Schools Meet in 1956.

As mentioned above, J. K . Goonasekera won Colours in Athletics, Cricket and Hockey, and Ronnie Reid won his Colours in Cricket and Athletics in 1956.

Sriyan, trust you will update the above records that had been given to you by my friend Mevan Pieris.

Thanks and be safe my friend.

Asoka Wikramanayake

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To: Nihal De Silva <agndesilva@gmail.com>

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Dear Nihal,

Some of the athletes during 1963 &1964 are trying to locate Jabid Junaid & Buddadasa Karunanayake. Relevant interesting correspondence could be found through the below links.



Where Buddadasa is concerned even his good friends Shantha Kottegoa or Harith Wijeratne have no news of him.

Even athletes like Das Daluwatte have no news about Junaid.

Your assistance in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

With kind regards,