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25-10-20, 11:11 AM
Behold nature on a train tour

25 October, 2020

The beauty of a misty forest, the cold freshness of the breeze, and the sweet hymns of birds would fill your heart with the purest emotions that you would have never experienced. Stepping through a mossy footpath under the green shades while breathing the fragrance of wild blooms and listening to the sweetest songs of the birds is the most divine moment one could enjoy. The sunbeams filtered through canopies of the forest are the source of energy life and the blessings of earth. The ecosphere turns more lively and diverse by the living creatures that make the planet a complete habitat to live.

Nature is the ray of hope and life to every living being on the earth. Ever since humankind?s potential advanced in expanding its habitat, the green canopies disappeared. Unfortunately, nature still breathes and exists undisturbed in most of the places on earth.

This story is for the souls that long for a glance and a touch of green heaven on earth.

There is a pear-shaped island in the Asian continent that hides the most fantastic nature?s mysteries.

The Cascades of waterfalls, dark, dense forests, mysterious blue mountains, lush green tea beds, sandy seashores where bubbly tides kiss with seashells, secret mangrove gardens, exotic, vivid flying creatures, fierce and innocent four-legged species from rainforests has created a paradise on this island.

Wealth of nature

It?s Sri Lanka, the treasured island in the Indian Ocean and the home for the roaming hearts, nature lovers, trekkers and, adventurers. The tiny island bears the precious wealth of nature, which makes it outstandingly charming and cherish.

The undisturbed jungles in the upcountry provide a home for thousands of animal species and plant species.

This well-conserved Asian ecosphere in the island is being relished and frequently toured by nature lovers all over the world. The exceptional beauty mist engulfed green forests that are rarely spotted by the wanderers.

No footpaths or tracks are leading to deep inside the vast green hill ranges where one could easily reach.

However, without trekking and hiking in the mountains, a train ride could take you to the unbelievable eye-catching scenic views inside rainy forests where you couldn?t easily reach on foot. The railway journey starting from a corner of the upcountry could gift you the sublime sceneries of untouched, untrodden, and hidden nature amongst the wild. Since the tangled railway tracks around the cloud covered hills, the train itself could make you disappear into the mossy forests that are embraced by mist.

Get into the train from Badulla that reach Kandy early in the morning as it is the excellent phase of the day to observe waking up nature. The train would run through the sights of villages, small woodlands where you could listen to tweets and chips of early birds and see the dew touched wild blossoms while feeling fresh breeze piercing through the hills.

The beauty of nature enhances when the train proceeds with the journey.

When the train runs deep into the valley of forests; scarce wildflowers, moss-covered trees, birds feeding on wild berries, the fruitful trees, little sprinkles of water running through the wood, the small canopies nourished by them, and the beasts who creep out to quench the thirst would be on your sight.

Breathtaking views

Unlike other train routes, the railway track running through the upcountry gives you breathtaking views of nature in its purest way. The picturesque sceneries have the power to bring peace to a restless mind.

It is an infamous fact that human lives are too a part of nature. Every living being is grateful for the breath of life given by Mother Nature. We human beings are fortunate to be the most intelligent creatures on the planet.

Therefore an immense responsibility lies in us to conserve the precious resources of nature for the survival of living and non-living wildlife on earth.

Nature is the epitome of heaven on earth.

As Sadhguru said, ?we are not only on planet earth.

We are planet earth! Will you get this now or will you get it when you are buried? ?It is up to you to decide. Nature would keep on amazing you as above till the day you care the least.