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  1. Speech by Royal Captain of 1958 Lorenz Pereira
  2. Some aspects that go to make the Blues Battle
  3. Battle of the Blues 130 Years On
  4. The record breaking Thomian duo
  5. Royal-Thomian the 131 year old Social Networking Brand
  6. Thomian cricketer Lalith Ratnayake remembered
  7. 131st Battle of the Blues - Web Broadcast Schedule
  8. Thomian prankster nearly routed his team
  9. 'Blues battle' biggest social gathering
  10. Royal thomian spirit in the unbroken 125 years
  11. Did you know, Godot has come to the Royal Thomian ?
  12. LEST WE FORGET ( Down Memory Lane ~
  13. Bertie Wijesinghe, did everything for nothing
  14. Inaugural Royal-Thomian Twenty20 on March 27
  15. Divine power that my team is still alive - Dr. Lareef Idroos
  16. The Royal Thomian Derby (or the Royal Thomian Match)
  17. Royal-thomian cricket 2009
  18. 132nd Battle of the Blues Big Match this weekend
  19. Battles of the Blues in the Sizzling Sixties
  20. Dimensions of discipline and ways of punishing
  21. The world's second oldest cricket match is 125 not out this year A matchless match
  22. Win or lose we booze
  23. Big matches, big moments - royal-thomian jubilee - 1929
  24. Royal and S. Thomas' agree to share Mustangs Trophy
  25. History of Royal College launched: Blue and gold memories live on
  26. Thomians out to dash Royal hopes 2013.
  27. Royal - Thomian : A foreigner�s view By Emma Levine
  28. Royal-Thomian Scorecards - CricketArchive Website
  29. Fwd: History of the Royal Thomian Cricket Encounter
  30. For Sri Lanka's Elite, High-School Cricket Match Is More Than a Game
  31. 50 Over Royal Thomian Inauguration Photo
  32. The Toast proposed to S.Thomas' College, Mt. Lavinia, by Skandakumar
  33. Colombo schoolboys steal limelight from Colombo Test
  34. 134 And Still Batting On
  35. At 134th Royal-Thomian March 7th, 8th and 9thMarch 2013
  36. The 2010 - 50th year Reunion of the STC Cricket Team of 1960 +
  37. Family members at Cricket
  38. Thomians have a slight edge 137th Battle of the Blues
  39. Message from Mr. Dinesh Kumarasinghe - Director of Cricket - STCML
  40. Moments that make memories of the Battle of the Blues
  41. THE MATCH OF 1964 by Premalal Goonesekere
  42. 1st X1 teams
  43. The oldest annual cricket match in the world....the 134th encounter of 2013
  44. Royal Thomian 1979
  45. Match Highlights of the 141st Battle of the Blues between Royal College v S.Thomas' C
  46. Unique Stroke! The Inaugural Royal-Thomian in 1889
  47. Memories of a Royal-Thomian encounter: Bliss beyond the boundary lines
  48. A view of The Big Match