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Old 03-12-17, 07:54 PM
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Default Mother nature has damaged our buildings at STC Prep School Colombo but not spirits

From: Indy Gunawardhana <indygun@yahoo.com.au>
Date: Sun, Dec 3, 2017 at 3:43 PM
Subject: Mother nature has damaged our buildings at STC Prep School Colombo but not spirits
To: indygun@yahoo.com.au

Urgent Appeal to my fellow Thomians!

The situation at STC Prep is dire.

School has to reopen on 02nd January 2018. Whether this is possible or not in currently not known. The communication from Prep OBU in Colombo (also found below) lists out the extent of the damage. It is significant.

We appeal to all Thomian hearts and minds and any well wishers to kindly put your shoulders to our wheel to help STC Prep overcome this random blow from mother nature.

Please donate directly to the Prep OBU account found below in line with our protocol for dealing with such requests for donations.

Esto perpetua
Indrajith (Indy) Gunawardhana
STC OBA NSW & ACT Australia
Mobile: +61 409 452 568
Privileged/Confidential Information may be contained in this message. If you are not the addressee you may not copy or deliver this message to anyone. In such case, destroy message and notify us immediately.
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Old 13-07-20, 10:55 AM
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Default S Thomas' Prep 1938

S Thomas' Prep 1938
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Old 15-07-20, 11:59 PM
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Default Strictly for the eyes of old prepites only!

From: Sujiv Fonseka <sujivfonseka@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 11:03 AM
Subject: FYour attendance vital: S. Thomas' Prep School OBU - SGM (TOMORROW, Wed, 24th April, 6:30pm @ Cathedral Premises)


Subject: Your attendance vital: S. Thomas' Prep School OBU - SGM (TOMORROW, Wed, 24th April, 6:30pm @ Cathedral Premises)

Dear fellow Prepite,

Tomorrow (WED, 24th April 2013) at 6:30pm at the Cathedral Premises will be the most important General Meeting of the Prep OBU to-date. The situation at Prep School is so desperate that the time has come for all loyal old boys to come, participate and support ways in which to prevent the school from collapse (both literally and otherwise).
This is the purpose of this meeting.

The Special General Meeting is being held in the Anglican Cathedral Premises with the kind permission of the Lord Bishop of Colombo, due to the present Headmaster, Mr. N. Y. Casie Chetty not being cooperative, creating a situation that made it impossible for the OBU to hold the meeting at the School Hall, as is usually done.

So that loyal old boys could come to the meeting with a basic idea of the grim situation to be discussed at the meeting, you may read and circulate the following facts amongst the old boy fraternity (only), so that they may realize their positive DUTY to attend this particular meeting for the sake of Prep School, the school of our youthful years:

(1) Prep School buildings are crumbling and infrastructure is increasingly incapable of providing the required learning environment and facilities for Prepites

- The dangerously deteriorated condition of the buildings is obvious even when looking at the school from the Galle Road. In fact, most other schools of far less standing and prestige have better building maintenance.

- Some of the buildings appear to involve danger to the life and safety of present students.

- This situation has been brought to the attention of the Headmaster by the OBU Ex-Co time and again for a long time, but no positive action plan has been implemented.

- The OBU Ex-Co has offered to raise funds, make arrangements and enable the school to remedy this grave situation for the sake of the safety of the present boys, the reputation and prestige of the school. Several websites etc. have even carried very sorry looking pictures of Prep School which cause unnecessary and wholly avoidable damage to its image.

- The OBU Ex-Co sought to have the extent of repair/renovation work assessed by competent engineers, which attempt was obstructed by the Headmaster.

- In short, the Headmaster refuses to come up with any plan to remedy this situation (which the OBU Ex-Co pledged to wholeheartedly support). At the same time, he does not permit the OBU Ex-Co to undertake this urgent task.

- This matter has been brought to the attention of the Board of Governors, but no positive or satisfactory action has as yet ensued.

(2) Failure/Refusal to Account for Prep School Trust Funds

- The Prep School Trust Fund was commenced and had several millions of Rupees in contributions, to be utilized for the well-being of the school.

- However, it has transpired that these funds have not been accounted for/audited by the Headmaster and other Trustees.

- This being a situation of very serious financial irregularity, the OBU Ex-Co had requested the Headmaster and Trustees to hand over copies of documents to enable the ascertainment and verification of the manner in which the Trust Funds have been managed.

- However, the Headmaster and Trustees have persistently failed/refused to respond to this request.

- In fact, at the moment, it is not even clear as to how much money lies within the Trust Fund.

- It is clear that this situation requires to be redressed immediately with a view to protecting the finances that are meant to be transparently and carefully managed and utilized for the benefit of Prep School.

- This matter also requires urgent intervention in order to ensure that whatever is left of Trust Fund resources urgently needed to restore Prep School from its current state of decline is recovered, protected and used according to a transparent Master Plan for the School.

(3) Allowing a paedophile master to continue in school till the end of the last term (2012) thereby exposing the school children to danger

- A master by the name of Mr. Thilak Fernando was found and accepted by the Headmaster to have been engaging in improper conduct of a sexual nature towards several children in the school. This was after some parents had come forward and complained to the Headmaster after incriminating material had come to light.

- Such misconduct on the part of a teacher is strongly indicative of the commission of serious criminal offences, and involves positive danger to the school children.

- However, not only did the Headmaster not report the matter to the authorities for investigation and appropriate action, but he allowed the Master to remain in the school till the end of the term. In this way, Prep School children continued to be knowingly and wilfully exposed to an alleged paedophile. This Master had then gone around in the school, pressuring various children to prevail on their parents and help to cover up the matter.

- This matter of grave concern was raised with the Headmaster by the OBU Ex-Co. However, the Headmaster has failed/refused to respond.

- Although the master in question was allowed to leave quietly and peacefully, this raises further issues as to how safe the boys of Prep School are, if any other such teacher is discovered.

- Prep School should not mismanage such a serious issue and wilfully conceal crime, nor should such a teacher be allowed to go without scrutiny of the proper authorities, since such a person may pose a threat to other innocent children.

(4) Jeopardizing Sports/extra-curricular participation and performance at Prep School

- The Headmaster focuses primarily on academic performance of students. This is not in itself a bad thing.

- However, a well-rounded learning environment requires adequate facilitation and encouragement of participation is sports and other extra-curricular activities.

- It is a matter of great regret that the Headmaster has been taking many steps to undermine, discourage and obstruct the participation, involvement and performance of students in sports and extra-curricular activities.

- Details of this need to be discussed and satisfactorily addressed, as this situation prevents Prepites from being able to achieve the fuller and well-rounded potential that sets apart truly excellent educational institutions, which Prep School has been in the past.

(5) Headmaster persistently refuses to participate and carry out duties of ex-officio President of Prep School OBU

- The Headmaster has been persistently refusing to participate and carry out his duties as the ex-officio President of the Prep OBU. He is not an Old Boy of Prep School, but is the ex-officio President under the present OBU Rules. This reflects the spirit of cooperation and healthy interaction and engagement between the Old Boys of the Union and the Headmaster that was contemplated at the time of the framing of the Rules.

- However, the present and persisting refusal of the Headmaster to work in this spirit with the OBU Ex-Co has created a situation whereby the OBU is rendered a 'headless body'. This hampers the ability of the OBU to meet its healthy objectives.

- The present OBU Ex-Co is not the only one that the Headmaster has refused to work with. This situation of non-cooperation has arisen whenever a strong remedial plan of action has been suggested by more than one Ex-Co.

- Therefore, it has become imperative for the OBU to look at ways and means of addressing this situation, so as to maintain the link between the school and the OBU without abandoning the moral and heartfelt duty of every true Old Boy to do everything possible to protect the school from decline or danger and to ensure that present and successive generations of 'Prepites' continue to be blessed at least as much as we have been, by our 'home by the roaring bellows'.

(6) The Board of Governors - so far ineffective in addressing the predicament of Prep School

- The Board of Governors have so far been ineffective in properly addressing the unfortunate predicament of Prep School.

- It is rumoured (not confirmed) that the Headmaster has certain allies within the Board of Governors who try to cover up and scuttle any suggestions made to require the Headmaster to put his act together.

- Anyhow, whatever the case or reason might be, the actions of the Board of Governors for many years has failed to bear positive results to-date. This is despite several Ex-Cos bringing the plight of the school to the Board's attention.

- This is a matter that has to be responsibly, correctly and resolutely dealt with, so that we as members of the OBU, are not accused by future generations of failing to take whatever action we can to save Prep School at the time she needed us the most.
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Old 15-07-20, 11:59 PM
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Therefore, you are urged to make it a point to be present at this CRUCIAL Special General Meeting to lend your valuable voice and support to the task ahead - of saving Prep School from impending disaster.

It is important that we bear in mind that we are Prepites. We will not hesitate to raise ANY issue at the meeting. But we will do so with the decorum, fairness, dignity and firm conviction that we were taught in school to uphold.

Please pass this email on to ALL Old Prepites you know, and take care not to forward it to any outsiders.

This is not a mudslinging exercise against the Headmaster (or anyone else), but a reluctant duty that must be undertaken by every TRUE Prepite.

Below is the Notice of the Special General Meeting that was issued by the Hony. Secretary:

S. Thomas' Preparatory School Old Boys' Union - Special General Meeting

Please be placed on notice that acting under Rule 9(a) of the OBU Rules in force, the Executive Committee has resolved to summon a Special General Meeting of the OBU on Wednesday the 24th April at 6.30 p.m., to be held at the main Chambers Auditorium of the Diocese of Colombo, Cathedral Premises, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Col. 7.
The Agenda is as follows:

a) Notice convening the meeting
b) Excuses
c) OBU participation in future development of Prep School
d) Any other business
e) School song / Adjournment

The kind presence and active participation of all duly enrolled OBU members (please bring your membership card with you) is expected.
Those requiring more information or those who may have changed their mailing addresses may e-mail prepobu.admn@gmail.com

Chrishmal Warnasuriya
Honorary Secretary
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