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  1. Mr.W.G.Sugathadasa or Mr.Walpitagama?
  2. Mr.G.K.Mandawala or Lieutenant Madawala?
  3. Mr.K. J. Leo de Silva
  4. Rev Baldwin Daniel
  5. Warden,Canon R.S.De Saram
  6. Indian Teachers at S.T.C.
  7. Indra Silva
  8. Reverend Father Lucien G. B. Fernando Master and mentor
  9. Mr. Vaas’ Class by Tyrone Graham
  10. Mr.Bertie Ferdinands.
  11. Mr. C.G. George
  12. Warden S.J. Anandanayagam
  13. Mr O.A.Abeynaike written by Ajit Jayasekara.
  14. Bertie Wijesinha 90 not out on May 24,2010.
  15. The Late Mr. Jan Prins.
  16. Mr.Wilson.I.Muttiah.
  17. D. S. Jayasekera -- the consummate educator
  18. Miss Agnes Bay, Mr H D Jansz and Mr J P Manickasip
  19. Revd Roy Henry (Bowyer) Yin
  20. Wood House Master Mr V.P.Cooke.
  21. Warden Mr. Wilfred Michael Neville de Alwis B.A. L.L.B. L.L.M. 1983-1998
  22. Mr N P Perera.
  23. Head-Master Mr.J.H.S.Peris
  24. Doing Poeta Justice
  25. Dr Vivil de Kauwe
  26. Mrs. Kusuma Bandaratilleka
  27. A man of many gifts - Anton Tissera
  28. Mr J V M L Peiris
  29. STC Staff Photo 1958
  30. Quentin Israel: a true -Trinity Spirit-
  31. Wijesinha leaves his signature in literary firmament
  32. David S Jayasekera Head Master and Sinhala teacher at S. Thomas' College, Mt Lavinia.
  33. Mr. Arisen Ahubudu
  34. Manel Tampoe:
  35. Sandadas Coperahewa.
  36. Mr. Wilson I. Muthiah-Scholarship Fund
  37. D.N.PEREIRA - Profile of a Legend
  38. Memories are made of these....
  39. St. Thomas' Hela Hawula.
  40. Felicitation organized by the Hela Havula
  41. J.H.S.Peiris: Stalwart, giant, gentleman
  42. A former music teacher turned travel organiser June Boralessa Greiner,
  43. Looking at the world of Nalini Jayasuriya
  45. Mail from Ramindri, daughter of Mr.G.K. Mandawala
  46. Some photo's of Thomian Wardens & Teachers
  47. R B Wijesinghe is 95 years
  48. G. K. Mandawala: Teaching profession personified
  49. D S Jayasekera
  50. Tribute to a Living Legend - Mr. Russell Bartholomeusz?
  51. Mr B D Jayasinhe in hospital
  52. Our teachers who were on the staff in the sixties.
  53. Mr vyvil de kauwe's visit to sri lanka
  54. Revd Barnabas
  55. Mr Dyrus Kumarasinghe
  56. Thomians lead where it matters
  57. Met Mr & Mrs Godfrey Senaratne at lunch
  58. Former Thomian English Teacher L.A.H. Arndt - Appreciation by David Graham (STC )
  59. Our teachers
  60. Farewell to Messrs E L Perera and B C D,silva
  61. Mr G K Mandawala & Warden De Saram
  62. Dr. Frank Jayasinghe.
  63. A tribute to Warden C H Davidson
  64. The Founder Warden Wood Warden Baly
  65. The Days of Warden Bennett
  66. The Days of Warden Bacon
  67. Canon R. S. de Saram A COLOSSUS IN OUT MIDST
  68. Dr.Hayman (1929-1963)
  69. At an unveiling of Photographs?.Rev.A J Foster
  70. Reverend Father Lucien G. B. Fernando ? Master and mentor
  71. Living Legends ? Bertie Wijesinha Versatile Bertie - a man for all seasons
  72. A Legendary Thomian Teacher - D.N. Pereira
  73. Mr WI Muttiah
  74. Errol Fernando Devout Christian
  75. Rajiva Wijesinha?s ?Servants? returns to Our World
  76. Daniel Edirisinhe turns 80 ..
  77. Roy Henry Bowyer-Yin (1910-2010)
  78. Warden of S. 'Thomas College: Rev. John Charles Puddefoot By Premasara Epasinghe
  79. O P Gooneratne was on the staff at Mutuwal & Mount.
  80. Poetry in motion with more Teacher dedications by David Sansoni
  81. Memories of College Teachers by Dr Peter Selvaratnam (Ph.D, Medic
  82. Mr. George Ponniah
  83. Mr. S.J. Anandanyagam
  84. Mr. Rajah Asirwatham
  85. Mr. Brookie D'Silva
  86. Remembering Mr. K.N. Jayasinghe
  87. Canon paul lucien jansz
  88. Rev. Dushantha Rodrigo new Bishop for the Diocese of Colombo A mission to serve human
  89. Some Reflections on the Late Mr Mandawela
  90. Ariesen Ahubudu: Accomplished wordsmith of our time
  91. Mani Seneviratne