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  1. Thomians Near And Far no3
  2. Thomians Near And Far
  3. To solicit a contribution for the scholarship fund
  4. Your memories are taken to the school by the sea.2. cont.
  5. Your memories are taken to the school by the sea.3. cont.
  6. Your memories are taken to the school by the sea.4. cont.
  7. Donating a Boat by K.R.P.Rodrigo.
  8. Meeting Ranmal at the S.S.C.
  9. Ranjith Coorey
  10. Our Association for fifty years.Pt.1
  11. Golden Jubilee Celebrations.
  12. Golden Jubilee Celebrations & Project.
  13. Our Association for fifty years.Pt.2
  14. Com. Bank soars into world’s Top 1000 Oct 2008.
  15. Thomians near and far
  16. Thomians Near And Far no2
  17. Thomians Near And Far no3
  18. Dinner to meet Ragavan & Shamila
  19. Chrisantha Karunaratne.
  20. Suriyakumar Veerasingham
  21. Golden Jubilee Planned Celebrations. Stag
  22. Golden Jubilee Planned Celebrations. Grand Sit down Dinner
  23. Golden Jubilee Planned Celebrations. Project for college
  24. JB's daughter Hishani and Thilankas' marriage Solemnisation
  25. Mandarin batch get-together 2007
  26. Lucky Galaboda, (Y.L.)
  27. Fond memories, alarums and excursions
  28. First ever Sri Lankan Rotary International Director.
  29. Membership directory
  30. WN Tudawe Director / Engineer of Tudawe Brothers.
  31. Arul Gnanam Managing Director.
  32. Mr. Lal Dias Chairman of Ivyhills
  33. From Dr Deepal Lecamwasam to Mr Mevan Pieris.
  34. THINK TO CONSIDER… BY Nalin Jayasuriya
  35. Civilian Bravery Media Award was presented to Arun Dias Bandaranaike
  36. Those present at the dinner on the 17 th.
  37. Dinner on the 8th Aug.2010 at Galle Face Hotel.
  38. Mohan A Abeynaike
  39. Russell Vandersay.
  40. The eighth annual dinner get-together
  41. test
  42. Freshmen members
  43. Under 12 Cricket Team S.T.C. Mount. 1962
  44. Sunil Wijesekera University of Kelaniya
  45. A vision for education in Gampaha -"Anura Gunasekera".
  46. the evening of December 5 2005
  47. The Dinner to meet Upali & Umanga and also Laxhman on the 7th at GFH.
  48. Milroy's visit in June 2010.
  49. Romesh Samarakkody's visit to Sydney Dec. 2009.
  50. Thomian Freshmen of '59 living out side Sri Lanka.
  51. To meet Naomi & Charles Marnikkam from Canada.
  52. Highlights of Nalin's vist to down under
  53. What about dinner tomorrow? Park underground or at Coles in EPPING.
  54. Adelaide with Leca.
  55. passing away of our beloved class mate Drupatha's son.
  56. Maxwell Gerlach | Journalist/Financial Data Services Manager
  57. 2006 Mandarin get-together at Colombo Golf Club.
  58. Retirement of Great Landmark Eng. H.N.R. Perera
  59. Memories of Jeremy Hillman
  60. "First Print" is a collection of poems
  61. Reunion in Toronto
  62. Deva Ratnabalasuriya's UK Trip Photos.
  63. Thomians meeting in Sydney August 2004
  64. Mr Nalin Jayasuria in Birsbane
  65. Romesh Samarakkody
  66. V.M.Weerasinghe is here on holiday with his wife and family.
  67. Sanjilal J.D.L.'s son got married to Sasandalie.
  68. 50 yrs since the Prep.School brigade joined us
  69. The President of the SLGU, Dian Jayasuriya,
  70. at Bolgoda on the 18th September 2011.
  71. MD Amitha Gooneratne
  72. To meet Ranmal, Venura & Chico.
  73. 9th Annual get-to gether of The Thomian Freshmen of '59
  74. Bharathi first envoy to Turkey
  75. Dinner for Thomians on holiday at GFH
  76. luncheon meeting with Charles and Naomi Manickam
  77. Ranil AbeynaikeRanil Abeynaike has suffered a heart attack and passed away
  78. Royal - thomian nexus in retrospect
  79. Jumping Mahinda ? Mahinda Wickramasinghe ?
  80. Inter-club golf 2012
  81. Opening of Veena Seafood by RGA
  82. Ajita G. Rajendra has been named president and chief operating officer
  83. In the Jathaka katha who was diktalas' husband?
  84. I am resting in bed after critical kidney surgery
  85. Death of Charles father Mr Y.D.Manickam.
  86. Nalin Jayasuriya -Non-Executive Director.
  87. Sarath Wanigasekera (Pole Cat)
  88. 10th Annual get together.
  89. Obituary Notice of Sarath Ranasinghe Bandaras'mother.
  90. Melsta Regal Chairman Amitha Gooneratne,
  91. Chief Guests; Mr & Mrs G.D.V.Perera.
  92. Suraj Fernando,Executive Director, Future Automobiles and Softlogic Holdings PLC.
  93. appreciation by the Vice Chancellor Fahima
  94. Prep School Batch joing us in 1963
  95. S.M.A.Yoosuf
  96. This You Tube is about W D R De Silva
  97. 11th Annual get together dinner
  98. One of the most sought after comperes of our time, Arun Dias Bandaranaike
  99. Upali and Umanga Seneviratne is on holiday
  100. Ravindran is choice for 2015-16 RI president
  101. New Commerce building to College
  102. Sarath De Abrew took his oaths as a Judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka
  103. Dinner at GOH on 30th June 2014.
  104. 12th Annual get together dinner on Monday the 27th October 2014
  105. Graham Masefield – President STC OBA NSW.
  106. C.G.Thomas, Chris
  107. Rotary President RAVINDRAN
  108. Our Association for fifty years.Pt.3
  109. 2006 Mandarin get-together
  110. Subject: 8th annual dinner and photos.
  111. 13th Annual get together dinner on Monday the 8th June 2015
  112. Our first Sri Lankan president K.R. -Ravi-? Ravindran
  113. Amitha Gooneratne, Chairman of Melsta Regal Finance
  114. CML-MTD Constructions CEO and Managing Director, Dian Jayasuriya,
  115. The Ocean Colombo Director is Millinda Hettiarachchi.
  116. Ajita Rajendra CEO and Chairman of A O Smith to advice the White House on water solut
  117. Themiya Hurulle & Shalini Chief Guest at Prize Giving of STPS on Friday, December 04,
  118. K R Ravindran the Rotary International President – the first Sri Lankan to hold this
  119. Milinda Hettiarachchi for the Board of Governors post.
  120. Photo taken in 1967
  121. Chandrakumar Ramachandra Competent Authority of Hotel Developers Lanka PLC
  122. Terrence Pendigrast
  123. Dr Iyngaran Vanniasegaram
  124. the class get together for 2016 with JEREMY HILLMAN
  125. Anura Gunasekera Managing director takes Regent International College to great hights
  126. K.R. Ravindran, Managing Director of Printcare.
  127. Two events in September 2016
  128. Freshmen of '59 Thomians in Ontario, Canada
  129. 1st death anniversary of our dear classmate J B Peiris.
  130. G R Pathmaraj Cinemas Ltd Managing Director, Producer
  131. Jayanath Laksen Chandri Salgado
  132. We need to locate them
  133. L V R Perera
  134. P.R.Dias
  135. Terrence Pendigrast
  136. Kanthi Ananda Ratnayake.
  137. LHI CEO Nissanka Perera.
  138. Ajita Rajendra CEO, A.O. Smith
  139. Kala Pola- Art Mart or Mart for Art? by Arun Dias Bandaranaike
  140. Dhimar sorono doole ( d.s.doole)
  141. Kala Keerthi, Arun Dias Bandaranaike & Sri Lanka Sikhamani, Krishnamoorthi Ratnam Rav
  142. John Kent
  143. Themiya Hurulle appointed to ComBank board
  144. 15th Annual get together dinner on Saturday the 2nd September 2017 at the Harbour Roo
  145. Bochin Shu
  146. Sammy Yoosuf.
  147. Prof. A. P. De Silva
  148. Your chance to get featured in the newest and most famous German Magazine displayed o
  150. Thomians reunite in Sydney- 15th May at Milroy's
  151. Dinner at Tandoori Flame Toronto
  152. Bandarawela Village Heartbeat Empowerment Centre opening - July 1st, 2018
  153. First Death Anniversary Dr. Sarath Abeyakoon
  154. Interview with Prof.A. Prasanna De Silva
  155. Deepal meeting up with Naomal,TM and Chris Thomas in London
  156. Dr Nalin Jayasuriya appointed as a governing council member of the Asian-African Ch
  157. Sixty years a go most of us joined college,
  158. be able to contribute to Thomiana?
  159. 60th anniversary celebrations
  160. Stag Nite, 7th March 2019 at The Colombo Golf Club
  161. Gala dinner at the Galadari Hotel, Bougainvillea Ballroom on the 8th March 2019.
  162. Photos from Schooldays 1969 & 1970
  163. The success it was!
  164. Royal Thomian 2020
  165. D C Peiris.
  166. visit to Roger Dias' Farm in the Megalong Valley
  167. In days of Merlin the Wizard. MB
  168. Reunion in Melbourne ! 2012
  169. Nalin's visit to Sydney 2012
  170. The Freshmen Group ?59 of S.Thomas? College, Mt. Lavinia
  171. Freshman doing us very proud!
  172. '59 Thomians meet in Ottawa
  173. Thomian Freshmen Deceased List
  174. Reactions ? AP de Silva
  175. Milinda Hettiarchchi.
  176. "One might forget the roses but never the thorns"
  177. Jeremy Hillman's unusual bird watching experience!
  178. Reflections by Graham "Massa" - Thrist to Win
  179. Mr. Milinda Hettiarachchi FHCIMA , CHA at B.H.M.S - Lucerne Campus , Switzerland
  180. ICT development in Sri Lanka ? All governments facilitated
  181. M.A Abeynaike
  182. The College Sung - republication to swell our hearts with pride \ with Thanks to Arun
  183. GY De Silva?s visit Down Under 2012
  184. Appreciation dion jayasuriya